BSP Business School Berlin Potsdam


The BSP Business School Berlin Potsdam is a private, nationally recognized School of Management in Berlin.

Understand and develop!

The world is changing. Digitization, globalization and demographics challenge all of us. And we know that people do not only act rationally, but also emotionally. We will train as future leaders, to understand the challenges of changing markets and tackle entrepreneurship. The focus is on the one hand in a broad management education with business and market-theoretical content and on the other hand, business administration and management are much more than just numbers: with us you acquire social-communicative skills associated with vocational and technical knowledge to be successful as the managers of tomorrow.

Quality education for your exciting future

With our innovative programs we want to give you professional competence and sense of responsibility as an optimal starting point for your management career. But your studies do not end in the classroom. On field trips and in interdisciplinary projects you get to know and appreciate other points of view.

Action Learning: Nobody reads to you anymore.

Your Participation is more important to us than your note-taking: you are actively involved in the lessons. They learn through their own experience, active behavior and professional feedback. In each module there is interaction through group discussions, business games, training management and digital study materials on our intranet. You know your professor and your professor knows you.Your teachers are always accessible to you. Every email is answered and there is always time for a chat - individual support instead of mass education.

NC free study - your motivation is more important to us than your graduation certificate

Your final grade does not matter your personality! Regardless of your grade point average, you have the opportunity to convince us in an individual intake interview of your commitment, your business and your social skills and talent to shine through while studying commitment, attendance and punctuality with us.

Living practice - from the beginning

Practical experience is a big plus of your studies at the BSP. In the course of the study several extended practice periods at home and abroad are integrated. In addition, your early networking with industry is extremely important to us. If you want to get even independently: With our Gründercampus we accompany you with mentors and expertise during your studies in business start-ups.

Learning for the big wide world

International focus there is not just for large companies. The middle class is increasingly guided across borders. Courses at the BSP will give you the opportunity to learn languages ​​and to make practical experience abroad. By the way: International students are very welcome at the BSP.

A unique place in an exciting city for your study

With us, you study at a campus that has no equal: the historical Villa Siemens in Berlin's Steglitz opens up to you in about 75 stuccoed rooms, a magnificent concert hall and more than 2.5 hectares of beautiful parkland, a unique learning atmosphere thatwill inspire and delight you. And in the middle of the German capital, are set in the not only cultural trends across Europe and the world, but also prospered as a utility room and gives you plenty of opportunities for networking.

This school offers programs in:
  • English