Good vs well - When to use good or well in English - I'm good vs. I'm well difference

Good vs. well

When to use "good" and "well" in English? What's the difference between "I'm good" and "I'm well"?


GOOD is an adjective. It modifies nouns.

# This is a good book. He speaks good English. You did a good job.

"Good" can be used with verbs that express a state of being, for example "to be", "to appear", "to seem".
# This movie is really good. His CV seems good.

When describing someone's emotional state, use "good".
# I don't feel good about having lied to her.

WELL is an adverb. It modifies verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.
#Did you do well at the interview? It's a well-written book. He speaks English very well. You did the job well.

When referring to health, always use "well".
#Peter won't come to work today, he doesn't feel well.


"Good" is becoming much more accepted as a response. Answer "I'm good" if you are feeling happy :)

Responding with "I’m well" means that you are not sick.


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