Good vs. well

When to use "good" and "well" in English? What's the difference between "I'm good" and "I'm well"?


GOOD is an adjective. It modifies nouns.

# This is a good book. He speaks good English. You did a good job.

"Good" can be used with verbs that express a state of being, for example "to be", "to appear", "to seem".
# This movie is really good. His CV seems good.

When describing someone's emotional state, use "good".
# I don't feel good about having lied to her.

WELL is an adverb. It modifies verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.
#Did you do well at the interview? It's a well-written book. He speaks English very well. You did the job well.

When referring to health, always use "well".
#Peter won't come to work today, he doesn't feel well.


"Good" is becoming much more accepted as a response. Answer "I'm good" if you are feeling happy :)

Responding with "I’m well" means that you are not sick.


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