Often mispronounced words and phrases in English

Some words and phrases are often mispronounced in English, even by native speakers. Here are some of the most typical pronunciation mistakes of this kind, make sure you are aware of these tricky ones:

• A BLESSING IN DISGUISE - often mispronounced as "a blessing in the skies". This phrase is no blessing if it comes from the skies!

• CANDIDATE - often mispronounced as "cannidate". Remember:It should sound the same as "candy date" :)

• The CAUCASUS - often mispronounced as "The Caucases". Although there are more than one mountain in this chain, their name is not in plural.

• ESPRESSO - often mispronounced as "expresso". This word was borrowed from Italian well after the Latin prefix ex- had developed into es-.

• FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES - often mispronounced (and misspelled!) as "for all intensive purposes", especially by the younger generation.

• JEWELRY - often mispronounced as "jewlery". The root of this word is "jewel" and that doesn"t change for either "jeweler" or "jewelry".

• TAKE FOR GRANTED - often mispronounced as "take for granite". You can sometimes take granite for granted because it"s so omnipresent, but that"s not the point here.


And finally, here's a small test to see whether you remember the correct way to say these often mispronounced words and phrases in English:


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