Order of adjectives in English

When we use more than one adjective in front of a noun, their order can sometimes be really confusing... Here's a simple explanation of correct adjective order in English:



GENERAL opinions are adjectives that can be used to describe almost any noun while SPECIFIC opinions are adjectives that can only describe certain nouns.

General opinion:
attractive, awful, bad, beautiful, good, excellent, lovely, nice, strange, cute, best, big

Specific opinion:
brilliant, delicious, comfortable, intelligent, mean, dedicated, polite, confident

In addition, there are some adjectives that can only be used in front of a noun. Some examples are:

Adjectives of direction: north, south, east, west
+ indoor, outdoor, countless, occasional, eventful

#She lives in the affluent western part of the city.
There are occasional problems with the computer system.

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