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Our dashboard gives you real-time statistical data how your performance progresses
We provide detailed information about your test performance
  • Performance Analytics By Subject
  • Performance Analytics By Difficulty Levels
  • Performance Analytics On Time Spend

GMAT Prep Performance

Studenttests GMAT Prep will provide you with real-time stats on your level of preparedness for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The GMAT test prep makes analytics easy and provides you with practice test feedback in record time. You can monitor your performance by Subject, Difficulty Levels, and by Time to make the most of your study time.

Track your GMAT Prep progress

Once you have learned the theory for the GMAT, but you still find your practice test scores are below your expectations, you can use Studenttests GMAT Prep to boost you to the next level. The software will track every mistake you make while testing and even provide you with a list of recommended study materials.
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GMAT Prep Dashboard

As part of the Studenttests GMAT Prep software, there is a dashboard to track your progress in real time. By analyzing every test you take and every question you answer, Masterstudies GMAT prep can give you an accurate report on your progress. You can monitor which subjects still need improvement and which ones you have mastered.

GMAT Prep Analytics

The statistics calculated by Studenttests GMAT Prep report which areas need more attention and study. The software generates graphs and data on the percentage of questions you have answered correctly. It also takes into account the type of questions, the subject area and difficulty level of each question to provide more detailed feedback. Studenttests GMAT Prep calculates the amount of time you spend on each type of question so you can also improve your speed.

Money-back guarantee

Studenttests GMAT Prep analytics are so effective that we provide a money-back guarantee. If your scores do not improve using our software, we will issue you a refund. Masterstudies GMAT prep uses advanced technology to help you improve your score.
If you want to push your GMAT test score to 750 or higher, let Studenttests GMAT Prep help you reach that goal using advanced analytics software and real-time statistics feedback!
Practicing with Studenttests GMAT
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