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A high GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score will improve your chances of getting accepted to top MBA graduate programs. The Masterstudies GMAT test prep is designed to meet your goals. Every feature of the software is designed to help you increase your test scores. We also make it our aim to make studying for the GMAT simpler, faster and more fun.

Getting a top score on the GMAT exam is not just about knowing the theory behind the questions, it is also about combining study with practice. The GMAT is not like other tests because your success on this exam is a result of combined academic understanding and rigorous practice. Statistics show that knowing the theory is only half the battle of GMAT prep. Studenttests GMAT Prep will guide your test practice so it is smart, time efficient and effective.

GMAT practice questions

Each practice question in the Studenttests GMAT Prep has a detailed explanation linked to it that will show you the best approach to the question, as well as explaining why the correct answer is correct. These detailed, specific explanations will help you to deepen your understanding of theory learned in books or in the classroom. The explanations will also help you hone your test-taking skills by showing you how to think for the GMAT.

Money back guarantee

Studenttests GMAT Prep is for any GMAT test-takers who aspire to get a higher score. We guarantee test score improvement, or your money back! If your GMAT test scores do not improve after using our software, we will refund the price of the software.

GMAT Test Generator

We are confident in the Studenttests GMAT Prep program for a number of reasons, one being the GMAT Practice Tests Generator. You can create as many of your own personalized GMAT practice tests as you need. Select the difficulty of the questions, the question category, the number of questions and the timing, and the Studenttests GMAT Prep software does the rest. Selecting from over 5,000 GMAT practice questions in our database, the test generator ensures you get focused practice for an improved score. You do not have to adapt to pre-made, cookie-cutter practice tests, our practice test generator ensures your practice adapts to your needs and abilities to make the most of your study time.

Computer Adaptive Test, CAT

The Studenttests GMAT Prep software also functions as a CAT (Computer Adaptive Test). Not only can you create an unprecedented number of practice tests by selecting the above difficulty, category and time criteria, you can also access ready-made, full-length GMAT example exams online. These practice tests use the same adaptive algorithm of the real GMAT exam and are the most accurate way to predict your score on the real exam. Studenttests GMAT Prep draws on a constantly updated and recalibrated database of real GMAT questions to provide you with the most realistic GMAT test experience.

Online practice problems

In addition to the online GMAT tests, there are also online practice problems in the Studenttests GMAT Prep program. Here, you can access some of the most challenging problems you may face on the actual GMAT exam, preparing you for the worst possible scenario. The online practice problems develop the necessary higher-order-thinking you will need to tackle the hardest GMAT questions and obtain your best score.

Hallmark of GMAT prep

Throughout your Studenttests GMAT Prep regimen, you can track your progress to make test prep easier. The hallmark of good test prep is the right balance between theory and practice. You need to be committed to consistent, rigorous practice in order to succeed in your GMAT test preparation. The Studenttests GMAT Prep software is designed to help you track your progress and get motivated to keep practicing and striving for higher scores.

Are you ready to beat the GMAT and gain a serious competitive edge in Master of Business Administration program admissions? Get started with Studenttests GMAT Prep today and watch your test scores start to rise!

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