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Studenttests GMAT Prep Course

Masterstudies’ comprehensive GMAT prep course will help you achieve a high GMAT score by enhancing your understanding of key theoretical concepts. The Graduate Management Admission test is a requirement for admission to many top MBA programs the world over. A comprehensive understanding of the theory and topics tested in the exam, as well as a practiced knowledge of what to expect in the GMAT test, is required to get a high score on the GMAT.

GMAT prep Syllabus

The online GMAT course consists of thirteen sessions designed to teach you the basics and high-level theory that is tested in the GMAT exam. Each study session is comprised of two video lessons – one verbal and one math. There are thorough explanations of each concept covered in the lessons. Studenttests GMAT Prep ensures you study the specific math, grammar and logic topics that apply to the GMAT exam. The Studenttests GMAT Prep course employs a knowledge-based, highly effective approach that is sure to boost your test scores.
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GMAT prep lessons

In total, the Studenttests GMAT Prep course consists of 27 video lessons. These lessons start at a very basic level and progressively increase in difficulty to also cover the most advanced and challenging topics in the test. Each rule and formula is explained in detail and examples are given in the context of real GMAT questions. You can watch the video lessons in the Studenttests GMAT Prep course as often and as many times as you wish.

GMAT Prep Lesson Transcripts

Studenttests GMAT Prep lesson transcripts have pre-filtered all of the dense content, theories, formulas and rules to present you with the pertinent, relevant key materials. If you have struggled with figuring out what to study and memorize in your GMAT study guides, let Studenttests GMAT Prep work for you by presenting the important information in an easy-to-study format. You can use your precious time learning, not searching. Simply download the lesson transcripts directly from Studenttests GMAT Prep.

GMAT Knowledge Base

Save time and search for specific information by topic, keyword or alphabet using the Studenttests GMAT Prep knowledge base. GMAT Materials

Money back guarantee

The Studenttests GMAT Prep is a tool proven to increase GMAT test scores, no matter what your starting experience level. Try the tool, today. If it does not work to boost your GMAT test scores, you can take advantage of our money back guarantee!

GMAT Practice Tests

The Studenttests GMAT Prep online course leads seamlessly into crucial practice as each lesson contains a pre-class practice test, a practice test and test assignments that are just like real GMAT test questions. You can measure your performance and watch your average score increase as you learn, study and practice using the Studenttests GMAT Prep tool.
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