GMAT Tirana 2018/2019

GMAT test Tirana 2018/2019

Study Business in Albania

Albania is a small country located in Southeastern Europe. Montenegro, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, and Greece are all countries bordering Albania. It also has two coasts, one on the Adriatic Sea and the other on the Ionic Sea. Albania has a population of roughly 2.8 million people, and Albanian is the official language. Tirana is the capital and has a population of nearly half a million people. The government is run by a parliamentary republic. Albania is a member of the United Nations, as well as the World Trade Organization and NATO. Albania is well known for its beautiful beaches, fascinating castles, traditional villages, and archeological sites.

What Kinds of Schools Offer Business Degrees in Albania?
There are a number of both public and private universities in Albania. The majority are located in the nation’s capital, Tirana, however a number are located elsewhere. With the variety of universities, students have more choices when they want to study business in Albania. Many of these universities offer business as well as other types of degrees. Some Albanian universities offer online courses as well.

How Long Is The Albanian School Year?
Universities in Albania are divided into semesters. Typically, the school year starts in mid-September or October and is completed in late June or early July. There is a two week winter break in December which divides the two semesters. Classes are not held on national or official holidays. A school week is typically Monday through Friday.

What Does It Cost to Attend School In Albania?
The cost of tuition can vary widely depending on the university as well as the field of study. The cost may be different for citizens. Financial aid and scholarship programs are available in some universities. To find out information on tuition fees and potential financial aid or scholarships, contact the school directly.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Degree in Albania?
In Albania, a bachelor’s degree takes approximately three years. However, many find that they would like to pursue further education by obtaining a master’s degree. This takes an additional year and a half to two years. A doctorate program would require an additional three years of education.

Why Go To School in Albania?
Albania has a number of universities that offer a variety of different programs. A bachelor’s degree takes only three years to complete, which is shorter than in many other countries. In addition, Albania is a beautiful country. It is full of castles, ancient ruins, mountains, beaches, and even concrete bunkers. All of these things are fascinating to explore. Also, Albania is very close to Italy, so one could spend some time visiting Italy while attending school in Albania.


As the capital city of Albania, Tirana is the heart of culture, government activity and economics in the country. It sits in the north-central part of the country. Many students are drawn to this city because of the mild Mediterranean climate and the beautiful Mussolini-era architecture.

Students in Tirana can spend time in the city’s focal point, Skanderberg Square. Here, they can visit the national museum, government buildings, the opera house and the famous equestrian statue for which the square was named. Not only will anyone studying here be able to soak in the culture, but there may also be an opportunity to work alongside professionals in a variety of fields.

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