GMAT Antigua 2018

GMAT test Antigua 2018

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The GMAT Exam is the preferred test for admissions at business schools around the world.

Where are the test centers to take the GMAT in Antigua?

You can within few minutes sign up and register for the GMAT test in Antigua.Find the list of availabilities below.

When can I take the GMAT in Antigua?

“When can I take the GMAT in Antigua?” is a question many students ask when selecting a graduate business program. Registration dates and GMAT test dates vary by institution, so check to find test dates and get correct information.

How do I register for the GMAT in Antigua?

Study Business in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are actually two islands, hence the double name. They, along with some smaller islands, make up one country that lies in an area where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. This country was once part of the British Empire but became independent in 1981. It is well-known for its amazing beaches and tropical weather, with an average temperature around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Are the Types of Schools Available?

For students wanting to study business in Antigua and Barbuda, there are three main colleges on the islands. These include the University of Health Sciences Antigua, the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies and the Antigua State College. There are also other insitutions, such as the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute, the Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Information Technology and the American University of Antigua.

How Long is the Academic Year?

The school year for those who want to study business in Antigua and Barbuda follows a typical schedule. It runs from September to June. There are three semesters each calendar year.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend School in Antigua and Barbuda?

Tuition varies widely depending upon the type of school and program of study. Contact the school directly for more information. In addition to tuition there will also be other fees and expenses associated with attending school, such as room and board, food and books.

How long does it take to earn a degree in Antigua and Barbuda?

The length of time it takes to study business in Antigua and Barbuda and earn a degree can vary by school, as well as by program. Some schools may require only 10 semesters, while others may require more. The degree program being studied may also affect how long the degree takes to earn. Some programs may take as little as 3 semesters, or one year, to complete. Schools in this country offer a variety of degrees, from diplomas to PhDs.

Why is it beneficial to earn a degree in Antigua and Barbuda?

The country is home to some highly respected schools, so the education a person can get here is top-notch. Professionals can take their degrees and find work both locally as well as internationally if they so desire. While these are great benefits to attending school in this country, it can’t be denied that this is a tropical paradise. The setting alone is enough to make someone want to come study business in Antigua and Barbuda.


If you are wondering how to register for the GMAT, browse our listing below and contact the test center directly. To take the GMAT test in Antigua you need to have a valid passport to present at the GMAT test centers on the day of the GMAT exam. You can take the GMAT once every 31 calendar days if you need to improve your score in the exam. You can find your closest GMAT test location here and register today.


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