GMAT Gadong 2018

GMAT test Gadong 2018

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The GMAT Exam is the preferred test for admissions at business schools around the world.

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When can I take the GMAT in Gadong?

“When can I take the GMAT in Gadong?” is a question many students ask when selecting a graduate business program. Registration dates and GMAT test dates vary by institution, so check to find test dates and get correct information.

How do I register for the GMAT in Gadong?

Study Business in Brunei

A tiny nation on the north coast of the island of Borneo, Brunei has a population of just under 500,000 and its two geographically separated sections are a combined 5,765 square kilometers. The nation occupies only one percent of the island, with neighboring Malaysia and more distant Indonesia occupying the remainder. The climate is tropical equatorial, with mild, sunny weather year-round. In addition to beautiful beaches, Brunei is also known for its lush rainforests that abound in biodiversity. An Islamic monarchy governs the nation, which gained its independence from England in 1984. The discovery of petroleum and natural gas fields has proven extremely profitable, elevating Brunei to the fifth wealthiest nation in the world.

Although Brunei is a small nation, it boasts several business schools that accept international students who wish to study business in Brunei, including the Institut Teknologi Brunei and the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The Laksamana College of Business also offers pre-university courses and an undergraduate degree and, as a partner with the Kensington College of Business in London, provides an alternate pathway to obtaining a UK degree.

Universities begin their academic year in August, with the first term ending in December and the second term running from January through May. Each term includes several days of break for holidays, as well as several days dedicated to studying for final exams. While many students take the summer off, lots of universities offer courses for those who wish to further their studies through the summer months.

The Ministry of Education in Brunei utilizes their portion of the nation’s wealth to fully fund the educational expenses of its citizenry at all levels. Tuition, books, and living expenses are provided for the undergraduate and graduate level, whether the student chooses to study in Brunei or abroad. While this largess is not bestowed unilaterally on international students, the government does offer a number of scholarships to aid foreign students with tuition and books as well as living expenses.

An undergraduate degree in Brunei can be earned in about four years. A master’s degree will take an additional two years of full-time study, although a four-year, part-time option is also available. Study may culminate in a two- to three-year PhD program. Senior education centers offer business courses for older, nontraditional students, but may not confer a degree.

There are many excellent reasons to study business in Brunei. It is a prosperous nation with a stable government in a beautiful, tropical location. Their Ministry of Education is dedicated to providing a high quality education to their own citizenry and to students from around the world. Their programs are internationally recognized and respected.


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