GMAT Test dates in Cameroon 2018

Dates to take GMAT test in Cameroon 2018

GMAT Cameroon: All test dates 2018 and test centers to take the GMAT test in Cameroon are available for you right here.

There are several cities all over Cameroon to take the GMAT test.

Where are the test centers to take the GMAT in Cameroon?

Students planning on enrolling in business school often begin by finding locations to take the GMAT Exam. Where are the test centers to take the GMAT in Cameroon? Find the list of availabilities below.

When can I take the GMAT in Cameroon?

“When can I take the GMAT in Cameroon?” is a question many students ask when selecting a graduate business program. Registration dates and GMAT test dates vary by institution, so check to find test dates and get correct information.

How do I register for the GMAT in Cameroon?

If you are wondering how to register for the GMAT, browse our listing below and contact the test center directly. You can find your closest GMAT test location and register today.

Study Business in Cameroon

About Cameroon

Cameroon in Central Africa shares borders with Chad, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Nigeria. It also enjoys 402km of coastline. There are 24 African language groups spoken, but the official languages are English and French, as part of the country belonged to France until 1960 and the other to British Cameroon until 1972. The climate is diverse and includes beaches and rainforest as well as extremely arid areas. There is good agriculture and some oil resources, which have allowed it to be one of the better economies among African countries located below the Sahara, and it is a fairly stable nation. Internationally, it may best be known for its football team.

Studying Business in Cameroon

There are several higher education institutions where you can study business in Cameroon. Some of these are state run, while others are privately held. They will often offer different levels of programs, some of which result in undergraduate or MBA diplomas, others of which yield certificates. Many will have a partnership with a business school overseas, ensuring that your diploma will be held valid wherever you decide to live and work, as long as you take that institution’s examinations as well.

The length of time to get your degree in Cameroon will depend on the level that you wish to achieve, but typically it will be either one or two years for a master’s and two years for a bachelor’s degree after having the required courses to enter the program. Online programs, as anywhere, offer more flexibility, allowing students to complete their courses at their own pace.

The academic year in Cameroon generally spans from September to June. The way the programs are laid out can vary, with some having students immersed in one course at a time, while others use a semester-based system.

The cost of a business program can vary greatly depending on whether you will end up with a certificate or a diploma and if that diploma is for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Generally, costs can run from around $600 US up to $3500 US for the entire course of study. This does not include additional fees to sit for examinations with affiliate institutions. It also does not include books, other study materials, room or board.

Getting a business degree in Cameroon can represent a significant savings in cost over such programs in many other countries. In addition to saving money, if you wish to have a specialty in international business or in business as it relates to developing countries, there are further advantages to being in a country such as this. Furthermore, getting a degree internationally allows for greater personal growth than might be found by staying in your home country.



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