GMAT Shanghai 2018

GMAT test Shanghai 2018

Study Business in China

China has a number of well-structured and designed business schools. For those who are looking for an opportunity to attend any of these, it is important to consider which school to attend. Many of the best Chinese schools for business are located in Beijing, though other options exist throughout the country. Some of the largest business schools in the area include Peking University's Guanghau School of Management, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and the Beijing International MBA school.

Attending Business Schools in China

Most students enroll in bachelor's degree programs initially and then move into graduate school to earn an MBA. Options include the two-year full time, international degree, a dual degree (a common option in this highly competitive area) and an executive MBA, designed for leadership position education. Education can take between two and six years to complete. However, some one year programs are available as well. Most programs provide a wide range of options. MBA degrees in China often offer a focus on areas such as marketing, international business studies, and economics, though management, human resources, and engineering are also topics for study. The costs of these programs differ significantly from one school to the next, however it tends to be more expensive for international students.

What Are the Options for International Students?

International students are often welcomed at business schools in China. Competition for these positions can be very hard to obtain. It is important for students to apply to the business school they select directly. If accepted, it is then necessary to apply for a student visa to study in the school. This process can take three or more months in some cases. It is necessary to apply for school as soon as possible, usually four or more months prior to attending whenever possible. The opportunities for students who enroll and complete an MBA in China range widely. China is growing and flourishing in terms of its economy and there are positions available, including those with large companies with international opportunities.


Shanghai sits on the eastern coast of China. This city is the largest in the world and acts as a global financial center. Perhaps best known for its role in transportation and trade, many students choose to study here because of the culture, generally mild weather and access to the rest of the country.

Students who go to university in Shanghai may see a lot of benefits. For example, they can easily travel to other parts of China or Asia during their breaks. They may also be able to study historical architecture or modern art firsthand. This city is home to many of China’s prestigious universities, which means students who graduate here have a lot of career opportunities.

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