GMAT Copenhagen 2018

GMAT test Copenhagen 2018

Study Business in Denmark

Located in Northern Europe, Denmark is the southern-most Nordic country. It is located near Sweden and Norway and bordered by Germany. It shares a strong history with Sweden and Norway and has a very similar culture to these countries. It is home to more than 5.6 million people most of which speak Danish, though many do speak English here as well. Copenhagen, the country's capital and largest city, is known for its modern lifestyle and high standard of living. The country has a very high level of focus on creating happiness and living in a way that protects civil liberties. Its culture is very strong in the areas of religion, architecture, and literature, but it also has a strong sport and cuisine focus as well.

Business Studies in Denmark
Business degrees in Denmark allow international students to explore a new culture and way of living. The country has a three-tier degree system in place, which is recognized as a very strong educational system. It is possible for students to enroll in bachelor, masters, or doctoral studies here. Not all courses of study are offered at the highest level, but universities, university colleges, and professional schools all teach a wide range of educational programs in the area of business at the undergraduate level.

There are more than 40 higher education facilities here with 8 of them being universities. Business is one of the primary areas of study since this is an in-demand area of education for the country. When it comes to paying for education, students from all European Union and EEA nations can receive college education through the master's degree programs without any cost. For students from other countries, costs range from 6000 up to 16,000 EUR per year. However, many schools and businesses offer grants and scholarships to help defray these costs especially for well qualified students.

The academic year in Denmark begins from early September through the end of June. There are two semesters of study. Students will need to obtain a visa unless the student is coming from the EU or EEA countries or Switzerland. However, all schools require proper application and acceptance as an international student.

After graduation, student with a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in business studies, such as in management, human resources, or marketing, are likely to find employment opportunities. Quite in demand are those students with a business degree and good English-speaking skills. A residence permit is required for individuals to remain in the country. With a flourishing and developing economy, business graduates in Denmark are sure to find numerous opportunities.


Copenhagen is well-known for its liberal attitude and welcoming aura. As the capital of Denmark, this city is a hub of activity. It is a friendly place where people are welcoming, which gives it a small-town feel, even though it is a large city. Its best-known resident is probably Hans Christian Andersen.

Students may enjoy attending school here because it is typically adaptive to the student life. The city is safe, and getting around is a breeze. The people are often helpful, and most are fluent in English and speak many other European languages. It is also home to five universities, making it simple for students to find a school that matches their needs. 

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