GMAT Doha 2018

GMAT test Doha 2018

Study Business in Qatar

Qatar is a peninsula in the Middle East bordering Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. It was once a British protector but has been an emirate under Al Thani family rule since the middle of the 1800s. The official language is Arabic, but English is a common second language. The climate is arid with very hot and humid summers but mild winters. For the most part, the terrain is a flat barren desert. While the economy was once mostly driven by oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and financial services have become a large part of the GDP.

Studying Business in Qatar
As an oil-producing country, Qatar is important in the world economy. Possibly for this reason, you can find a fair number of universities where you can study business in Qatar with courses taught in English. Many of these are either branches of foreign institutions or have affiliations with them. You can find both undergraduate as well as graduate degrees offered. There are also Executive MBA programs that are geared toward the business professional.

A bachelor’s degree will typically last four years, while an MBA program may last from one to two years. There is also the possibility of part-time study, particularly with institutions that are online based. Executive programs are also usually part-time and may only be taught a few days per month over an 18-month period.

The academic year typically spans between September and June or July. It may include just two semesters, or there may be a summer session as well.

Cost of tuition can vary greatly depending on the institution attended and the type of program that you chose. For example, a bachelor’s degree has a broad range from $5500 U.S. to $50,000 U.S. per year. A master’s degree can range from $3000 per year to $31,000 per year. These ranges are for tuition only and do not include additional fees, books, supplies or the cost of living.

The higher range of tuition costs of studying in Qatar are typically for attending universities that are based in other countries, such as the United States or England, and have a local branch here. In this case, the cost is often the same as it is in those countries and, therefore, does not offer a price incentive. For students who are already working professionally in the Middle East, or who wish to make that their career path, it is extremely beneficial to study there. The culture, both in general and the way business is done, is not like anywhere else in the world. Living and studying here can provide invaluable insight that can be later translated into employment opportunities.


As the capital city of Qatar, Doha is the place to be in this country. It is developing into a modern hub featuring business, education and culture. As it grows, it is expanding into a regional cultural hub that has a diverse population that lends itself well to those looking to call it their new home.

Students may find this city has worked hard to develop its educational avenues, offering students unique opportunities. Despite its rapid growth, prices here are typically below what would be found in Dubai, which makes it ideal for a student on a budget. Plus, the many cultures represented among the people make it easy for students to find their cultural niche.

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