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Are you planning to take the GMAT test in St.Gallen in 2017? By clicking the button below, you will find all GMAT test dates in 2017 available for you here.

The GMAT Exam is the prefered test for admissions at business schools around the world. 

You can within few minutes sign up and register for the GMAT test in St.Gallen.

To take the GMAT test in St.Gallen you need to have a valid passport to present at the GMAT test center at the day of the GMAT exam. You can take the GMAT once every 31 calendar days if you need to improve your score in the exam.

You can register for the GMAT Test in St.Gallen  the whole year. The available timeslots to take the exam are changing so registrer for the GMAT below to find the test dates that suits you the best!

The GMAT test is widely accepted, over 5800 masters and MBA programs accepts the GMAT as their prefered asessment test for MBA and business programs.  You will find centers to take the GMAT test over 570 places in over 110 countries.


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