GMAT Zurich 2018

GMAT test Zurich 2018

Study Business in Switzerland

Students who wish to enroll in business studies in Switzerland can do so through the country's MBA programs. A wide range of options exist, including programs for management, marketing, human resources, banking, and much more. Most students studying in Switzerland begin by enrolling as an undergraduate. Most will obtain a bachelor's level degree as a first step in the process. From there, many individuals enter the workforce, working in apprenticeship programs. However, there is growing demand and interest in pursuing advanced education. That is where the MBA programs become valuable.

What Can You Expect from Business Studies in Switzerland as an International Student?

International students are often welcomed at the universities in Switzerland. Keep in mind that most schools here offer business studies, exception for vocational schools with a very specific focus. Students who enroll in an MBA program will spend between two and four years obtaining their education, depending on if they go full or part time. The cost for these programs tends to vary, but it is also more expensive than most other universities of the same caliber throughout Europe. To enroll in these programs, students will need to first apply to one of the many programs and universities available, including options such as Bern University of Applied Sciences, European University, and the University of Basel. Once the individual has been given approval to attend the school, he or she can apply for a visa.

What Can International Students Expect After Graduating?

Graduating from business studies programs in Switzerland, top students can count on finding business-related jobs in the country. This may include working in traditional business environments, as well as in government positions in the finance sector. Competition for these jobs can be significant, though, making it slightly harder for students to find employment in the field they desire.


Switzerland is known for its neutral position and is often defined by its even keel. Many people believe Zurich is the capital city, but it is not, because the country does not believe in elevating one city above another. However, Zurich is the number-one-ranked best place to live in the world.

The city is often considered a place full of riches, and it can offer a student the chance to take advantage of the many perks of a financial and business hub. In addition, students may find getting around is simple thanks to the train network and conveniently located airport. Swiss is the main language, but English is used often, too, along with many other languages, making it ideal for many students. 

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