GMAT Damascus 2018

GMAT test Damascus 2018

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The GMAT Exam is the preferred test for admissions at business schools around the world.

Where are the test centers to take the GMAT in Damascus ?

You can within few minutes sign up and register for the GMAT test in Damascus .Find the list of availabilities below.

When can I take the GMAT in Damascus ?

“When can I take the GMAT in Damascus ?” is a question many students ask when selecting a graduate business program. Registration dates and GMAT test dates vary by institution, so check to find test dates and get correct information.

How do I register for the GMAT in Damascus ?

Study Business in Syria

Syria is a Middle Eastern nation located between Turkey and Lebanon that borders the Mediterranean Sea. This country is located in the desert, which means that the temperatures are fairly warm, and the area is rather dry. The winters are mild, and often bring light rain in the coastal areas. The Syrian people speak a number of different languages. The official language is Arabic, but some Syrians also speak Aramaic, French, Kurdish, and Armenian. Most Syrians are Muslims; however, there are a few Christians, Druze, and Jewish individuals living in that country.

Business Schools in Syria

Although the Syrian economy has been declining in recent years, the nation has been able to develop a decent educational system. Government expenditures on education have dramatically increased since the year 2000, and because of this increase there are a number of government funded universities that offer business degrees. While in Syria the educational focus is on government funded programs, there are also a number of private universities and technical institutes that offer business degrees.

Academic Year in Syria

The academic year in Syria may differ depending on the specific university or technical institute that one chooses to attend. However, most Syrian schools begin the academic year in September and conclude it in June. Tuition The cost of tuition in Syria changes dramatically depending on whether or not the school is a private university or is run by the government. If the school is run by the government, the prospective students may pay a small fee of $10 to $20 a year if they received adequate marks on the Baccalaureate exams, or between $1,500 to $3,000 if they did not.

How Many Years Does it Take to Acquire a Business Degree

The Syrian form of education closely follows the French model, which has a system of stages. To complete the first stage takes approximately four to six years depending on the program. The second stage can take either one or two years to complete, and the third stage can take anywhere between three and five years.

Reasons to Consider a Syrian Education

Syrian universities provide excellent educational opportunities for individuals who want to become familiar with business in the Middle East. Individuals from any country who choose to pursue a business degree in Syria will be given a chance to excel. Syrian industries include petroleum, automobile assembly, food processing, and textiles. All of these industries can become lucrative for someone with a business degree.


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