GMAT Taipei 2018

GMAT test Taipei 2018

Study Business in Taiwan

Earning a Business Degree in Taiwan

Although one out of every four bachelor degrees earned by students attending a Taiwanese public or private university is an engineering degree, students desiring a bachelor's or master's business degree from a Taiwan higher education institution will find a remarkable variety of degree programs from which to choose. Examples of business degrees offered include International, Management, Asia Business, Marketing and Leadership MBAs. A Master's Degree in Global Business is a unique degree providing students with extensive knowledge of not only Asian business systems but also European, African and Middle Eastern administrative practices.

Taiwan's Ministry of Education is distinguished for placing great emphasis on the necessity of receiving a higher education conducive to finding viable employment in Taiwan and elsewhere. Academically, Taiwan is extremely competitive, especially in the science technology and engineering fields and actually have two and five year vocational schools to prepare students for university classes that are intense and research-heavy. Tuition Costs

Tuition fee in Taiwan my vary from one school to another. Scholarships are also available for students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese while pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Taiwan. There are no excessive "out-of-country" expenditures to pay at any Taiwanese higher education institution because of the government making education such a high priority.

Why Earn a Business Degree in Taiwan?

With affordable tuition, superior education system, high standards of living and a thriving economy, Taiwan represents an ideal environment where students can earn a first-rate business degree recognized by employers all over the world.


Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan. It is the largest urban area in Taiwan, broken up into 12 districts, each with its own atmosphere and culture. Together, these 12 districts comprise the financial, cultural and governmental center of Taiwan.

Students have many educational opportunities in Taipei from the 24 universities located in the region. Taipei has an extensive Chinese language program, which is geared toward foreigners who want to open doors in Asia. Although baseball is the most prominent sport in Taiwan, basketball is quite popular, too. Taipei is also the media capital in Taiwan. Students have many opportunities to learn from top educators from every field while having the chance to experience Asian culture and heritage. 

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