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GRE Registration 2017/2018

Registration for the computer-based GRE® revised General Test

There are four ways to register for the computer-based test:


1. Online – for online registration you will need to have a My GRE Account. It is only possible to pay by these credit/debit cards for GRE online registration: American Express, JCB, Discover, VISA or MasterCard.

Note: You can’t register for the computer-based test online if you are requesting a fee reduction, Monday testing or standby testing. Online registration is also not available for test takers with health-related needs or disabilities requesting accommodations or for test takers in Nigeria.

2. By phone – for this type of registration you have to call your Regional Registration Center (RRC) at least 2 business days before the desired test date. You will then receive a confirmation number, the address of your test center and your test date. You can use American Express, JCB, Discover, VISA, MasterCard or a voucher number for payment.

3. By fax
– for registration by fax you need to send the International Test Scheduling Form by fax to your RRC, and it must arrive at least 7 days before your desired test date. The payment methods are the same as for the registration by phone. A confirmation number with the time and the address of your test center will be sent to you by e-mail, fax or mail.

Note: Fax registration is not available in USA.

4. By mail
– to register for a GRE test by mail you need to mail the International Test Scheduling Form to your RRC together with the payment. The RRC must receive the form at least 3 weeks before your desired test date.

Note: Test takers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan can only register online for the GRE® revised General Test.



Register for the computer-based GRE test now


Registration for the paper-based GRE® revised General Test

There are two ways to register for the paper-based test:

1. Online
– for this you will need to create or have a My GRE Account. You can pay by PayPal, E-Check or by one of these credit/debit cards: American Express, JSB, Discover, JCB, VISA or MasterCard.

Note: Online registration for the test is not available for test-takers in Nigeria or for examinees with health-related needs or disabilities.

2. By mail
– in order to register for the paper-based test by mail you need to download and complete the registration form in the GRE Bulletin and mail this to the address provided on the form, together with the payment. You can use money order or a certified check for the payment.



Register for the paper-based GRE test now


Important information about GRE registration:

  • It is highly important that you write your name accordingly to the guidelines. Read more about it here.
  • You can take the GRE® revised General Test once every 21 days and up to 5 times in 12 months.
  • It is possible to reschedule, cancel or change the location of your test until three days before the test day (not including your test day or the day when you made the request). Otherwise you will lose your test fee.
  • You cannot transfer your GRE registration to another person.
  • It is included in the test fee that your scores can be sent to up to four business or graduate programs for free. You will be requested to mark your score recipients at the test center on the test day or when you register for the GRE. It is also possible to send additional GRE score reports at a later time to other institutions, for a fee.


You can view current fees for GRE tests and services here.