Best Marketing Strategies for Universities and Schools

Why Schools Struggle To Reach Their Goals

Many schools use too many costly suppliers for their marketing. They invest in the declining and unmeasurable print advertising, and advertise online to an audience of low relevance. For instance, if a school advertises on a newspaper’s website, only a small fraction of the traffic will be related to education.

Schools often struggle to optimize search engine results for the subjects they offer, and they only do it in English and perhaps a local language. Many also run ineffective and costly Google AdWord campaigns due to a lack of expertise.


Why We Are Trusted By More Than 2900 Schools
Our solutions are 100% targeted to your relevant audience and deliver excellent results. At the same time, you can target specific geographical markets as well as use our filtering technology to get in touch with only the most qualified students. Keystone Academic Solutions will help you improve your ROI and reduce your conventional marketing costs by complementing your marketing mix with our powerful web-based marketing at an affordable price. Our services will also give you exposure to students worldwide.

Our highly trained international team will save your admissions precious time – we set up and maintain your school and program pages, free of charge, while letting you have full control over all your school’s content on all sites. Leave your web marketing activities to us and we will instantly save you time and money!

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