Your School’s Benefits

By joining Keystone Academic Solutions, you will be able to:

  • Receive quality enquiries from interested candidates 
  • Increase and diversify your candidate pool 
  • Build your brand awareness 
  • Improve your marketing ROI

Receive Quality Enquiries from Interested Candidates

Keystone Academic Solutions offers you the possibility to receive quality enquiries from interested candidates in real-time. The enquiries our service generates are of high quality for two main reasons. First, our targeted distribution strategy ensures that your advertising reaches the candidates you desire. Second, each one of the enquiries generated by our service is unique and identifiable.

This means that each enquiry is from a single candidate who is interested in a specific program at your school, and provides you with the necessary information for you to follow up with that candidate's request.

Therefore, we generate targeted enquiries that you can act upon immediately. You should not expect thousands of poor enquiries a year - instead you can set your own limit on how many high quality enquiries you wish to receive from interested students worldwide.

Increase and Diversify Your Candidate Pool
We understand the importance for schools to have a large and diverse candidate pool to ensure you are able to attract and recruit the best candidates.

It is with this in mind that our service is ultimately geared to offer you increased access to the candidates you want, and increase your attractiveness in a competitive international market.

Build Your Brand Awareness
Keystone Academic Solutions works with you in building your brand awareness. How do we do it?

  • Be listed alongside a diverse array of universities and colleges worldwide in a comprehensive database of programs and courses.
  • Appear in multiple leading websites simultaneously. No matter where candidates search within our extensive network, you are guaranteed to be featured in the most relevant areas and in your target markets.

Improve Your Marketing ROI
As conventional marketing costs skyrocket, we offer you an excellent complement to your traditional and online-based marketing mix at an affordable price.

We are not just a directory, we are an online-based marketing tool made for you to: improve your reach to the target audience you want, receive quality enquiries from interested candidates, increase and diversity your candidate pool, and build your brand awareness.

This means measurable results that can greatly contribute to improving your overall marketing ROI.

Increase your access to more of the candidates you want with Keystone Academic Solutions!

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